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PhD Student

Qualifications: BSc Microbiology with Professional Studies

Research Interests: I joined The Huws Lab during my undergraduate research project at QUB. Since graduating I have returned to the lab to undertake my PhD. My research is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. The project will aim to develop a multidisciplinary understanding of antimicrobial resistance on UK farms, with Northern Irish farms being the main source of samples. My interests centre around utilizing metagenomic techniques to further our knowledge on antimicrobial resistance and emerging resistant pathogens.

Personal Interests: I am a keen traveller and spend my summers in America teaching water sports, such as paddle boarding and kayaking. At home, I like to spend time with friends whilst enjoying good food.

Peter Alexander

    PhD Student

    Qualifications:BSc Bioveterinary Science, MSc by Research in Life Sciences

    Research Interests:My interests are in the areas of microbiology and molecular biology, with a focus on both novel and existing antimicrobial compounds, and their modes of action. My previous research  involved characterising active site for their suitability as antimicrobial targets.and studying the interactions of a bifunctional glycosyltransferase with novel moenomycin analogues.
    My PhD project with the Huws Lab revolves around optimising novel antimicrobial peptides identified from the rumen gut microbiomes for Acinetobacter baumanniiinfections.

    Personal Interests: An avid rugby fan, I enjoy horse riding (especially polocrosse) whenever I am able, and am an avid rugby fan, I also enjoy horseback safari holidays, 

    PhD Student


    Qualifications: BSc Biology, MPhil Biological Sciences 


    Research interests: I joined the Huws Lab when I started my PhD on using novel antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) to treat Histomonas meleagridis, the cause of blackhead disease in Turkeys. I am currently developing new methods for accurate detection of H. meleagridis in a mixed culture. I am also carrying out AMP efficacy studies against H. meleagridis  for development as antihistomonads.  My project also involves gut microbiome characterisation of Turkeys that succumb and/or survive to H. meleagridis infection to identify differences and markers or treatment of the infection.

    Personal interests: I am an active white water kayak-er and kayak teacher. When I can’t kayak, I like to relax by making warhammer and painting Warharmer models.

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