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PhD Student

Qualifications: MSc (Agricultural Engineering)

Research interests: I have done all my studies in France, but I wanted to work in research abroad. So a PhD was more interesting to reach this goal than an engineering diploma. Now, here I am!

I joined the lab in January 2018 for my PhD. I am working on lipid quality in ruminant meat with the aim of improving human health & well being. I will be looking at Omega-3 fatty acids in ruminant meat, starting with lambs. This will be managed by a diet change. So you can eat your steak & enjoy it without guilt, ‘with potentially improved levels of Omega-3.   


Personal interests: I love travelling, chocolate & Disney movies.

Christopher Elliott
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PhD Student

Qualifications: BSc Biochemistry, MRes Biological Sciences

Research interests: My BSc project at Aberystwyth on the succession of protozoa in hay infusions peaked my interest in microbiomes. Hence, I joined the Huws lab to study the rumen microbiome for an MRes looking at changes in plant chemistry and genera abundance during bacterial colonisation of plants in the rumen over time. My PhD research is focused on early life programming in ruminants and how different diets pre and post weaning affect the ruminant's lifelong performance, GHG emissions and health of the rumen microbiome.

Personal interests: In my spare time, I enjoy exploring places with the scouts, skiing all over the Alps as well as standard nerdy things such as gaming, DnD and Warhammer.

PhD Student


Qualifications: BSc Microbiology, MPhil Biological Sciences 
Research interests: 
I joined The Huws Lab in September 2016 to study for a PhD with a focus on bacteria from the genus Butyrivibrio, which are currently a taxonomic nightmare. My research is attempting to to untangle their classification and explore their relatedness through bioinformatics analyses. Part of my research is also based on rumen lipid metabolism, and its manipulation via the rumen microbiome. I use metatranscriptomics and other computational tools to investigate how microbial gene expression changes over time in response to incubation with lipids.
Personal interests:
 In my spare time, I love to go on adventures – whether it’s seeing the puffins on Skomer Island, or jet skiing in Thailand! I’ve also had the good fortune to drive the Le Mans and Silverstone race tracks in my dad’s 1962 Triumph TR4, which was pretty cool! I also love reading, gaming, memes and bothering/chasing cats. 

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